Luca Bonavita

Visual Engineer

Timely DepGraph

D3 modules dependency time graphs


Choose among many data visualizations about search terms metrics

Organization Tree Chart

Visualize and interact with organizations hierarchies


Expenditure of European countries from 1993 to 2012


Explore waiting time for medicals in Milan (Italy).

Choose a medical, then find where to get it by location or by waiting time!

Dual AGN

Port of an ipython notebook to be published on a scientific paper (astronomy)


One of my first experiments in D3, shows inner workings of a controversial Italian electoral law, called "Porcellum"


iPad app to select among 700+ setups of a modular window, wirelessly controlling a 3d model displayed on a wall

minDrones (personal project)

A short movie I've written, produced, directed and filmed.

Shot in 35mm and for its major part using the Academy Award winning Mark Roberts "Milo" Motion Control Rig.